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Stocco fugitives charged with range of offences including murder

Stocco fugitives charged with range of offences including murder

Detective Chief Inspector Kevin McNeil’s inquiry found that the pair had been seen at the park before the attack.

‘They may have travelled together or not, but they were seen together and, if so, why was that seen at the park?’ Detective Chief Inspector Kevin McNeil said.

He also stated that it had come as a shock to him to see so many people involved in the attack.

‘The fact that so many people have gone home and are not coming home should be an open door for us to find the perpetrators, I mean we’ve heard this before of the car park where the attack took place being full of people leaving when this incident was taking place.’

‘This is very, very hard work. I’m sure this is a very, very upsetting time for the families involved. They are devastated and they are heartbroken.

‘They are trying to understand where this has happened.’

Detective Chief Inspector Kevin McNeil of Essex Police, right, says they have uncovered more than 1000 images, photos and video of terror suspects including Michael Adebolajo, pictured here, Michael Adebolajo (left) and Michael Adebowale (right)

Mr McNeil said people ‘want the public’s help’ by checking CCTV footage before reporting they were the suspects to police.

He said: ‘To the best of my knowledge at this stage in time we have not yet found anything.

‘People want us to go to that footage and we will go through it and see if they are there.

‘We cannot say the pe우리 카지노ople are dead. We are not in a position to know because it is a classified area and they still have cameras there and we would urge them to call us in a few days if there’s footage to show that they’re at the scene.

‘We’ll go through every one of those foot샌즈 카지노age and we don’t want to prejudge it before we can say if there is anything suspicious.

‘It is a very, very difficult and important job. It’s not something any of us can do for a couple of weeks, months or years to find out what happened to these people.’

Mr McNeil said it is not the first time the suspect CCTV was seen at the scene광주안마.

At the time the attack was reported, officers were looking at CCTV footage from other events as well and were working on identifying the men.

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