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Final witness appears in james hardie inquiry for alleged racist remarks made about a Jewish woman while travelling in Thailand with a group

Final witness appears in james hardie inquiry for alleged racist remarks made about a Jewish woman while travelling in Thailand with a group

The police and immigration officials are to ask the High Court to order her to be deported from the UK after she used her UK travel permission to travel in Thailand for what the court says was a political campaign against Thai leader Mahinda Rajapaksa

The two-year investigation into the circumstances surrounding the claims that the foreign minister sent a text message to one of his foreign colleagues with racist intentions has begun, according to올인 119 a report from the Sun.

James Hardy QC is expected to set out his version of events during the court hearing into whether Mrs May acted unlawfully when she sent a text message to foreign minister Boris Johnson.

Her claims of the alleged racist remarks at a conference in March were made by the immigration minister and a former civil servant.

The newspaper said the defence solicitor, Michael Mansfield, would be ca올인 119lled to explain his analysis.

The newspaper also reported that the police are seeking details about the group that traveled with the pair which left Thailand in Thailand and then went on to Malaysia. It said the group was carrying a black British passport but would have to be in full compliance with the UK anti-racism law before they may be allowed back to Britain.

British officials have not responded to the claims.

‘Her life will be ruined and her family will lose every day for the rest of her life,” said Mr Hardy, who is acting for his client.

Mr Hardy declined to comment on the allegations made by Mrs May’s family that the alleged racist remarks were part of a political campaign against the then Thai leader Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Mrs May, who has led Britain in a campaign to help Mr Rajapaksa flee to Thailand, says: “I don’t think there has been, I have seen, any evidence that there was anything that was malicious or that anyone had had malicious intent of any sort.

“I would certainly not want any one of my staff to be in any way involved with politics.

“It should be a democratic country, it should be an open country. I certainly don’t have the attitude of people with some sort of anti-semitism.”

Mr Hardy will argue that the minister had ac007카지노ted with a view to helping the Thai government oust Rajapaksa, but that was not a reason for Mrs May to use her travel permission to travel abroad and she should therefore not be deported from the UK.

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