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Yulgilbar buys yarrawonga bullocks from the traders

Yulgilbar buys yarrawonga bullocks from the traders. He has sold his share in an auction of yarrawonga bulls earlier this week in Terengganu. Photo: AFP

KAZABUL: In northern Nigeria, the government is facing fierce resistance to its plans for a mega-bank which would allow the construction and sale of oil projects and 카지노 사이트even allow for an oil project to be declared bankr우리카지노upt and closed, analysts said here on Friday.

Gusna Mohammed, a lawyer for Nigerian businessman Hakekumullah Azmi who owns part of the company, said the government wants the state oil and gas companies to make big profits at their risk, and he wants to keep his ownership stake in the company.

“We have sold a certain portion of our stake in the firm and he asked us to give him a loan of some hundred million dollars to help us invest in the business.”

However, he declined to name the people who would help him to raise the loan.

Azmi, a close aide to former president Goodluck Jonathan, has proposed a mega-bank on the premise that the private sector could offer better prices for producing oil, in order to make it competitive to national companies. The scheme is backed by some foreign investors including a group including some Indians who own shares in oil companies.

In 2012, Azmi was convicted of money laundering and other charges in connection with his company, which was founded in 2005. He was recently granted parole from the prison, however, he would continue to have to prove his innocence. Azmi did not respond to requests for comment on Friday.

On Monday, it was더킹카지노 reported that Akaranga-based oil giant Ogoni Oil and Gas had approached the government and offered to build two gas reservoirs across northern Nigeria to provide fuel to local power plants at a fraction of the cost of international suppliers. However, Ogoni was forced to give up after Akaranga withdrew its offer.

The government said it wanted to help develop the southern port city of Maiduguri, however, local officials had said there were no gas plants there. Oil and gas exports in northern Nigeria are largely dependent on international oil and gas deals.

This article was translated from the original Japanese

Source: AFP

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